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My brothers homepage.


The homepage of Joakim Andersson


One of the biggest communeties for divers in Sweden.


Dyk-Leif is the perfect diving center with good service, nice personal, nice diving at Väderöarna and last but not least THAI FOOD


Scorpius is a nice five star Padi centre in Kungshamn

Götaverkens sportdykarklubb

Götaverkens sportdykarklubb where I am a member.

Ju-jutsuklubben Shindo

This is where I train and instruct Ju-jutsu In Mölndal.

Göteborgs Ju-jutsuklubb

This is where I train and instruct Ju-jutsu in Göteborg.

Sundsvalls Budoklubb

This is were I started to learn Ju-jutsu and Aikido.

Sandviken Budo- och Kampsportklubb

A club with lots of nice friends.

Alingsås ju-jutsuklubb

Here are many nice jujutsukas training. I Visit them every now and then.


Svenska Jujutsuförbundet

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